Bengale occidental Montreuil-Bellay

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  1. Noelie de langeais

    Hello, the legend dont legible writing and blank. the coloring dont conscientious . shame dont wind rose . You cold have put more detail.
    congrulations for returning it on time.
    Good luck.

  2. Esteban de Langeais

    Positive points your coloring is neat and countries are marked
    negative point

    your legend is not complete and I find that the map is empty

  3. Clara de langeais

    Hello, your map is not very clean ,it lacks of colors ,the legend don’t legible ,there is no wind rose and she did not complete
    it’s good to have returned the map anyway.
    Keep it up

  4. Maélys L.T de Langeais

    Your map is not bad but it is not very good to color. There is no wind rose. Your legend is not complete.
    Votre écriture est écrit petite donc pas très lisible.
    Keep it up !

  5. Maé Langeais

    Your card is quite beautiful, the colors are pretty. It lacks a lot of information, and you could have put a lot more information because suddenly it makes your card empty. Even if you put color you could have faded your coloring. What is a pity is that you did not make a compass rose.
    I wish you good luck for the next one if you are qualified.
    Bye 🙂

  6. coralie langeais

    english :

    good evening

    your map has a nice color and was delivered on time ,but there are not wind rose and your legend is not complete he lake river ,a road ,export but otherwise your map is good

    see you next time

    bonsoir a vous

    votre carte est tres jolie et a etait rendue a l heur mais il y a pas de rose des vents est la legende est tres incomplete il manque les montagne ,les aeroports . mais sinon on voit que vous avez fait du bon travaille

    bonne chance pour la prochaine fois coordialement

  7. Dorian de Langeais

    Hello, thé legend dont legible writing and blank.
    the coloring dont conscientious. Shame dont
    wind rose. You cold have put more detail.
    Congrulations for returning it on time.
    Good luck.

  8. Louna de langeais

    Votre carte est très jolie bien détaillé , mais je trouve que votre légende est incomplète et c’est dommage qu’il n’y est pas de rose .
    Good Luck for thé future and good Luck

  9. Clarisse de Langeais

    Your legend is short and little detailled. There is no wind rose. You coloring is not clean and your writing is very small so, it’s difficult to read. For the next map you should a wind rose. Good luck

  10. Marie de Langeais

    The colors of your map are bright which makes your card attractive. Your map would be more beautiful if you had drawn straight lines. Your writing on the map is too small to be easily read.
    The legend is short. And I don’t see the point of indicating areas with more than 30 celsius degrees in July because it covers the whole map and it makes it less readable.
    There is no wind rose.
    Keep it up.

  11. Laureen de langeais

    Hello, You have do pretty map ! A coloring is very good and conscientious. But a legend is very blank, you should detail legend, you also should write at computer. Dommage there are not wind rose you should do. In any case congratulation for have give a map in the time ! Good luck ! Good bye.

  12. Julien de langeais

    Hello, the legend il y en a très peu and coloriés y very good vous avez bien travaillé votre carte bravo a vous bonne chance regards

  13. Nathan L


    your map is very beautiful in beautiful colors, the legend is not very complete but the map is fairly well presented. A compass rose could have filled the void in the sheet, the legend is not very legible, the writings are too small.

    good bye Nathan of Langeais

    1. Noah de langeais

      Bonjour bonsoir
      Votre carte est pas très organisé niveau légende et carte
      Côté légende pas très rempli on a pas plus de détail que ça
      Au revoir good luck

  14. Julia a vieux condé

    to start writing and ilesible and we do not understand anything there are colors my not too much you have to write a little bigger so that we understand my otherwise the card and well except the writing and ilesible and not a lot of color so sorry my it is necessary to write a little bigger my if not the card and well except the writing and it is necessary to continue as its

    good bye

  15. Ilies vieux conde

    Hello you made a map with positive and negative

    points positive

    1 you put titles for each super legend

    2 even if your card does not take care to warn you anyway, return your card I add bonus points for this bravo

    negative points

    1 your missing treatment map to color

    2 a lot of information is missing on the card

    3 it’s written too small well I think

    I have done the tour I hope that my comments will be useful for you next time Good luck for the future


  16. Lisa vieux Condé

    Your card is beautiful
    There are enough colors but the writing is not very legible and it lacks little information but de legend is well organized
    Good bye

  17. Chloé Vieux-condé


    Your card is clean, there is color and the information is well presented. However the writing needs to be reviewed , you should have been written larger .
    Good luck .

  18. Elza de Langeais

    To begin, your map is well donc and rendered on time. But there is not enough information in the legend, the coloris on the map are well colorés but I do not understand why all the areas scratch. A compass missing to. Apart from that, your map is good.

    I wish you hood luck for the rest.


  19. Mathilde vieux Condé


    your card is very colorful !!! Unfortunately, the legend is very short, and responds very little to the subject …
    the writing is small, so, illegible … and many errors look « habitant », where « s » are missing.

    but your work remains clean, and very colorful, which is great!
    good work and good work !!!

  20. enji vieux condé


    your cart is very beautiful . But it’s a shame we see the diagrams behind for the legend it is a bit messy but its little improvement 👍👍

    good bye🖐

    1. Lùna vieux Condé


      Your cart is very beautiful👍 .Your card has many coloris which is not empty .The onmy négative point and Thatcher the writing is difficult to rend and That the legend is not written straight

      Good bye🖐
      Good Lucky
      I hape you will be calited

  21. Lina vieux condé

    Hello, your card is very legible with a lot of color, but the handwriting is not very legible. the legend is understandable but we do not see the writing very well but the menu is beautiful continue like that goodbye

  22. Charlyne Beaufort B

    hello your map is a shame that the coloring was done quickly and the legend is not too legible, shame. I wish you good luck for the future

  23. sylvain vieux conde

    Your card is beautiful.
    But things are missing on your map and the writings in the legend are too small and the coloring pages are not very clean, finally the framing in the legend is not straight, you could have done it squarely or squarely. rule cleanly.
    Good bye and good luck 😉 :).

  24. florian Vieux Condé


    the positif point:

    is the that map is colorful but the handwriting is not very legiblethe legend is clean

    the point négatif:

    for me it lacks information on the map

  25. shana de langeais

    hello, your card is pretty there are many colors, but the legend not complete enough, too bad fot the compass rose.. good continuation!

  26. Lana vieux Condé

    your map is clean but the coloring is not very well applied and there is not enough information in the legend.
    good continuation for the continuation goodbye.


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