Autriche Dallas A

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  1. Keenia vieux conde

    Your map is colorful and understandable
    Your legend is legible, clean and understandable
    the small problem is that there are words on your card that we can’t read. You could have treated the writing a little more otherwise

  2. Flavie, collège Jean Jaurès de Vieux-Condé

    Hello !
    Congratulations for your beautiful map ! There are many colours, it’s very good ! Your map is very conscientious ! Well done ! 🙂
    Your writing is a little bit small but it is legible.

    About your legend : You have many interesting informations but some informations are missing. For exemple, you have ports and airports but you don’t have stations. What a pity !
    But you have titles in your legend and it’s a very good thing.

    I’m very impressed by your map, it is very beautiful and conscientious ! Congratulations !

    I Hope that my comment will be helpful for you next time ! Good Luck ! 🙂

    And sorry for my spelling, I’m yet a beginner…

  3. Lisa vieux Condé

    Your card is beautiful there are enough colors .
    Your legend is organised but on the map there are names of cities that are not too understandable
    Good continuation

  4. sylvain vieux conde

    Your map is readable and beautiful to look at the legend too.
    But I find the names of the cities hard to read.
    Good luck.
    And good continuation. =) 😉 🙂

  5. ryad vieux conde

    hello,your card is very beautiful but it can be readable your legende is well written and it meets generally about bravo and good luck for future bye.

  6. Julie Caron Jean Jaurès Vieux Condé

    Hello !

    Your map is really beautiful and so colourful but sadly there is some informations missing.

    You did a very great job! Continue in that way ! 😁✨

  7. Killian vieux Condé

    Hello you card is very cood but it Can readable your legende is well written and it meets generally about bravo and good luck for future bye.

  8. ilies vieux conde

    your map is beautiful a very good start but there are positives and negatives

    first thing to know your card is beautiful as I said earlier but we can not read on the card it is written small and there are erasures and positive points ..
    the legend of the map lacks a lot of information well we will not complain there is the important information

    for next time write larger but otherwise there is nothing to say about your card

    have a good day

  9. Lana vieux Condé

    Your card is beautiful well organized and especially with well chosen colors. the caption is clean and with a lot of information. there is no real negative pint.
    have a good day.

  10. Corentin vieux condé


    Votre carte est bien soigner la légende est bien et sa répond a la question juste une meilleur écriture sa aurait été mieux


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