Bengale occidental Dallas A

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  1. kyliam du Lion

    Hello this map is good the colors are here
    there is not enough information in the map legende and there is not title for the legend and there is not compass

    bye good luck

  2. jules du lion

    Here are your points positive: well done card.
    Here are your points negative: legend not finished and there is no compass rose
    Good luck for the rest

  3. valentin collège val d Oudon


    your card does not have enough legend the card is not very colored otherwise the compas rose is present goodby is good continuation

  4. alexis le lion d'angers

    Hello, you card is good but the legend is not very finished the color are not very present so generally the card is good but maybe more. good continuations

  5. Thomas du Lion

    it is a good map.

    positives points : the card is very colorful, and the legend is in three parts,we can clearly distinguish the capital from other cities.

    negatives points : the compass rose is absent.

    it is a good map, congratulations.
    good continuations and good luck.

    cordially Thomas

  6. Lily-Rose du collège du lion d' Angers

    It is a very good map .
    Good points :
    -the map is well colored and is complete .
    -the legend is organized and is in 3 parts and is very neat .
    Bad points :
    -there is no compass rose .
    Good luck and good contunation
    Cordially Lily-rose

  7. Elise du lion d'angers

    Hello here is my opinion on your maps.
    I find that the colors and the figures are well chosen, that the legend is clear and that the map is readable. On the other hand, I think that we had to put the names of the cities and that a compass rose is missing.
    Congratulations and good luck for the future

  8. Sasha le Lion

    Your card is very beautiful and colorful. The legend is well done but on the map I would have added the names of the towns.
    Goodbye and good luck.


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