Bengale occidental – Trélazé

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  1. Elise Beaufort A

    Bonjours, votre carte est bien présenter la légende est complète .Mais sa manque de lisibilité, il y a des mots quond n’a du mal à lire
    Bonne continuation

  2. Maxance beaufort A

    I think your map is badly colored, it looks a bit messy. The legend is clean but it lacks population density, trade flows and the capital. Otherwise it is well organized. Congratulations.
    Very good continuation Maxance

  3. Clément Beaufort A

    Hello, your coloring is sloppy and there is no compass rose. the writing is not very free. I advise you to make the arrows to the rule

  4. Arthur Beaufort A

    Your map could have been more complete but you did the minimum. Your map is not neat and the coloring is not good, however your map answers the question well because wealth inequalities are present as well as meteorological, migratory and commercial flows, ports, stations and airports.
    Well done and good luck

  5. Anthonin Beaufort A

    I find that your card is good but the negative points are:
    The lack of information is not too there and it’s a shame, the lack of a compass rose we see where the north is but it would be better to indicate it, the writing is not very readable, the coloring is not very neat, it lacks figures in the legend.
    The good points are: the organization in the legend is good, there is the answer to the question.
    Good luck and good luck
    Regards Anthonin

  6. leny beaufort A

    Hello, I will tell you the negative and positive points, I’ll start with the positives: :
    -its a little readable
    -that answers the question
    -it’s good to have put several titles in the legend.
    now the negatives :
    -everything that is in the legend is not put on the map
    -pity you started coloring but didn’t finish it
    -is not very readable on the map
    good luck and good continuation 🙂
    regards leny

    1. Ambre Beaufort A

      Votre carte est bien mais pas bien colorier.
      La légende est bien présente et lisible.
      Bonne continuation à vous
      Cordialement Ambre

  7. Lana Beaufort A

    Votre carte est bien la légende est bine organiser mais le le souci ses que le coloriage sur la carte est pas soigner

    BONNE chance

  8. Emma Beaufort A

    Your map is good but badly colored, the names of the cities are not visible.

    Have not managed to see the flows. The creation of the map is lacking in care.

    The legend is well organized and the titles give precise information.

    Good continuation


  9. Jade Beaufort A

    Hello your card is nice but your colours are a little small.
    Your legende is correct and Complet
    Your hanwriting is nice but very speed.
    So good continuation and good Luck !!!
    Bye bye

  10. Téau Beaufort A

    Hello I think your card is very pretty and very well organized but the handwriting is a little big but overall it is well presented

    Good continuation !


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