Bengale occidental Vieux-Condé

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  1. Lorenzo Curci Rene Goscinny

    Bonjour félicitations pour le travail effectué sur cette carte. Vous avez effectuer une très belle carte. Le coloriage est soigner l’ écriture est lisible, la légende est claire vous avez aussi mit l’ animal par « quoi est représenté » le Bangale occidentale . Il n y a pas la rose des vents mais ce n est pas grave du tout. Felicitations encore pour cette très belle carte

    1. Lorenzo Curci René Goscinny

      Hi, I didn’t put my comment in english because I ve discovered the day after that I could put my comment in english so here it is. Congratulations for this map. This map is well drowned, it s even clearly written but it was a very original idea to include a very beautiful picture of a tiger. You also have included the logo of the region ( I hope you will go to the next round).Congratulations again for this wonderful map.
      LORENZO 🇮🇹

  2. Alessandro dussussussois (varsovie)

    Bonjour votre carte est tres nien faite car:
    elle a un trés bon coloriage
    la légende est détaillé.
    Bonne chance

  3. Nolan.v La Suze/s/Sarthe

    Hello, good morning, I hope you are well,

    Your map is beautiful.

    Points positifs :

    -your map is well colored
    -The city name is visible

    Points négatifs :

    -il n’y a pas de rose des vent
    -au sud-est les informations sont trop coller

    Good Luck
    Cordialement Viot Nolan

    1. Flavie, collège Jean Jaurès de Vieux-Condé

      Thank you Nolan for your comment. And thank you for your effort to write this comment in english. I just want to show you a detail : there is a wind rose, in the bottom left hand-corner. But it’s true that it is a little bit small. And thank you for your comment again.
      Have a nice day !

      Flavie, who make the map

  4. Gabriel Berardi Varsovie

    Hi there !
    Your map is beautiful and the tiger even more !
    The colors are well chosen and there is a lot of informations about this region from India and even if its small there is still a wind rose sometimes its hard to read the name of the cities but its still a beautiful map and i hope that your map will go to the finals ! 👍^_^

    1. Flavie, collège Jean Jaurès de Vieux-Condé

      Hi Gabriel !
      Thank you for your support and your enthusiasm. I hope that our map will go to the finals too ! 🙂

      Flavie, Who makes the map.

    2. Lena Awty Houston

      I just want to say Bravo for commenting in English! I know hit is very hard and you still managed to do it ,and its really good!!
      Here are some few tips I could give you,
      -dont forget to add some pronouns/prepositions like « it » or « of » (pronom/preposition) so that the sentence makes little more sense
      -dont be shy to add more adjectives like « very » or « good »…

  5. Mathilde Angevin VARSOVIE

    I would like to say your map is very beautiful and well done. The map legend is very clean and your writing is precise. There’s a title that’s underlined and written with pretty handwriting. The colors are very subtle and well-chosen. For the map, the only thing I would change is in the south the information is a bit stuck together in one place. But other than that the map is gorgeous. And if you thought I was going to forget the tiger your wrong. The tiger is incredibly drawn and makes the whole thing better. Congratulations on this map.
    Your American friend,

    1. Flavie, collège Jean Jaurès de Vieux Condé

      Hi Mathilde
      Thank you very much for your comment. You have a very good English ! It is not we who draw the tiger, I found it on the web. But thank you very much for your enthusiasm !

      Flavie & Keenia, who make the map

  6. Matis Champel

    Hello, the legend is well done, it has a lot of information, it’s well ordered and it’s well detailed. The map is well written but I find that there is a lot of information at the bottom of the map and that it’s a little bit all together but otherwise good work is good continuations.

    Good luck

  7. Anonyme

    Hi Lena !
    Thank you for your support ! I hope that our English is not too bad. Thank you for your advice too. And thank you because you write every comment in French. Thank you for the efforts ! I am a beginner in English but I do my best ! 🙂
    Thank you very much again !

    Flavie, who makes the map.

    I hope that I don’t write any mistakes… I don’t know if this sentence is « English » … Sorry for the mistakes… 🙂

  8. Ivo Golabek Varsovie

    first I want to felicitate you about the work that you did on this map. It’s the best map I have seen yet.
    You putted a lot of time in it and the result is magnificient.
    The map is clear with the basic indormations of the region but you could maybe add a problematic so you could focus on one point.
    The writing is easy to read and there is a lot of colours.
    I think you will surely win this round.
    Good Luck

    1. Flavie, collège Jean Jaurès de Vieux-Condé

      Hi Ivo !
      Thank yu for your advices ! We started our card in September, so we’ve been working on it for 3 months. I hope that we win this round too. Thank you again for your support ! 🙂
      Good Luck for your map (if you have to make a map) !

      Flavie, who makes this map.

  9. Raphael Leconte Varsovie

    Hello,your cart is very beautiful and has a lot of informations.we can see you really wanted to draw the cart because you decided to draw a really nice looking tiger.Good luck!

  10. Zahra Chami Varsovie

    Hello dear colleagues,
    Your map is very beautiful. There are many positive points:
    – The colors are well done.
    – The map is very clean.
    – The legend is clear and easily readable.
    – There are many informations.
    I wish you good luck !! 🙂

  11. Arthur Enfer Varsovie

    Hi, This map looks fine to me, we can see the names of the agglomerations, borders are visible and the legend is nicely done and easy to read There are colours that are easy to distinguish.
    Have a nice week-end
    Ps: The tiger is beautiful

  12. Sarah Mathern Varsovie

    In the first place, I wanted to congratulate you for your map. It is very nice.
    Here a the positive points :
    -The colors are well colored
    -The hand writing is good
    -we can see the city’s clearly which is good
    – Your legend is very clear and we can easily read it
    -the Tiger you added is very beautiful
    Congratulations and good luck

  13. Darius Dohogne Varsovie

    This map is so beautiful with the tiger oh my god,
    You have also extremely well written and explained in the caption.
    You have also added more than enough color for the variety of crops grown in the region and also the mining of coal! Well done!
    Also that sort of badge is gorgeously beautiful, it looks like jade,
    You have also shown the cities and neighboring countries as well as the immigration routes.
    I also love the fact that you put flowers for natural parks and showed all the other tourism like your well illustrated temple.
    Well done for showing the transport like your ports or your airports.
    Your map is extremely good and I didn’t find anything negative about it, well done.
    PS: Did you draw the tiger by hand?

  14. Agathe Aranda Varsovie

    I really like your map there is a lot of colours and we can read everything the map legend is really nice and wow the tiger look real you have a real talent.
    Bye bye

  15. Bastian Mondon-Marin Varsovie

    Bonjour votre carte est magnifique plein de couleur est de légende tout est bien écrit voila continuer comme ça bonne journée

  16. Matteo Pontone Varsovie

    Hi, first thanks for your participation. Your map is very good, the choice of the colors is pretty well and there si many information about this country. Nice map.

    Thanks and good luck

  17. laura lfv

    First i would like to congratulate you for the map you made 🙂
    In my opinion your map is amazing. Everything is really clean and aesthetic. your handwriting is really good. By just taking a glance at your map we can see you spend a lot of time to do it and you took care of every detail. i am so in love with the tiger it’s just amazing. I also think your map is really clever. even though you have a lot of informations they are still looking good.
    I wish u a lot of luck. you really deserve to win. good chance and one more time congrats :))))

  18. Malwina Varsovie

    To start, I think your map is really clean and well done. We can see you put a lot of effort in it and in general it’s just well done. Your handwriting is absolutely stunning and the colors are nicely applied. There is a lot of informations which is also really nice.
    I think that it’s one of the best maps yet so congrats on that. Also the tiger is just amazing I love it so much so congrats with that 🙂
    Good luck, you have an amazing map so congrats😺😺


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